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Interview with Brent Rademaker

Over the course of the year that we produced shows at the TOF Nightclub, I made many new friends. This interview from 2019 brought 2 of them together.

Lara Bennett and I shared a deep rooted love for Neal Casal and she used her Petal Motel website to help promote our shows at TOF. She was a regular attendee and was very supportive of our mission.

Brent Rademaker was an established musician who had played in many bands that I loved, including Beachwood Sparks and GospelbeacH. Brent had also founded Curation Records and we fell in love with one of his label's new bands called Pacific Range. They did 2 amazing shows for us and were one of the most popular artists we hosted. Sadly they are no longer together, but their debut album, High Upon The Mountain, is timeless and beautiful. Brent and I became friends through numerous planning sessions and he also participated in one of our fundraising shows for the Neal Casal Music Foundation. He is a very special guy and I love him dearly.

So here is an interview done by Lara with Brent that I recently re-discovered. Hope you enjoy it.


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