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About TOF Nightclub

a brief history of the TOF Nightclub

The opportunity to create the TOF Nightclub was presented to Vito Rinaldo as music venues across the country were shutting their doors due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Live streams had already begun, but were missing a key element of attending a live show in person: the interactive nature of being there. 

On May 7th, the first show was held with Vito's friends and family - it was a hit. Tash Neal, the inaugural performer, was able to see and talk to the audience while the audience was also able to interact with each other. It was clear this format was one that could be expanded and the joy of the experience brought to many.


TOF was officially formed in June 2020, complete with ticketing, social media, promotion, and high quality show production. 


As we turn the page to 2021 we are proud of the accomplishments of the club.  Over $35k has been raised for artists and supporting charities, 30 shows have been performed with 20 unique artists, and the mission of a non-profit organization has been realized. 100% of the shows are produced and staffed by volunteers.

We look forward to a great 2021 at the TOF Nightclub!


Vito Rinaldo, Founder

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